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Management Of Violence Education

There's a lot more to being a venue security than most people would think.

To be a successful security professional for a bar, night club or event requres observation skills, proactive enagement and the ability to use persuasion over force.

This course will teach you the critical skills you need to protect your company, your patrons, and yourself.

You will learn:

Staying Proactive: Tips on What to Look For

Ways to maximize your observational skills

Early Warning Signs a Patron Could Become Aggressive

Knowing which patrons to keep your eye on can help prevent issues before they happen

De-Escalation Tactics

Verbal and physical techniques to reduce stress and conflict

Understanding Pre-Assault Cues

Important observations that signal escalation

6 Levels of Conflict Response

Understanding and preventing chain reactions between individuals

Certificate of Completion

When you successfully complete this online training course, you'll receive a special Nightclub Security Training Certificate, and the ability to opt in to our Certification Database, where potential employers can verify your Nightclub Security credentials.

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The low price of this valuable training is a small investment that gives you valuable tools critical to your success. And it shows the initiative and hustle business owners and managers look for in quality team members.

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This course is not intended or designed for State mandated training requirements, only post / location-specific requirements are certified.