Management of Violence Education (MOVE) is a unique safety program for nightclubs and event venues created by Eric Dybing, a security professional with over 40 years of experience. It is operated by trainers with extensive military and security backgrounds. MOVE operates with a mission to turn venue securitys and security guards into safety officers who understand the techniques to manage people and prevent violence. MOVE is simple, effective, and based on proven policies. Our training offers:

What you’ll learn

MOVE is a formal training that guides you or your security team through safety procedures that reduce the risk of violence and on-site damage. MOVE believes that the best safety officers manage people–they do not needlessly exert physical threats, which only serve to escalate tensions. In this training you’ll learn:

MOVE Pricing

We offer multiple locations and pricing options depending on the type of training you or your business needs. Based on your needs, you can: