Why MOVE Nightclub Security Training?

Just because you hire a venue security or security professional does not mean they know how to effectively respond to every incident. That’s why Management of Violence Education (MOVE) is vital to protect your business, your staff members, and most importantly your customers. 

MOVE is a unique safety program for nightclubs and event venues established by Eric Dybing, a security professional with over 40 years of experience and run by trainers with extensive government and security experience. MOVE operates with a mission to turn venue securitys and security guards into safety professionals who understand the techniques to manage people and prevent violence. MOVE is simple, effective, and based on proven policies. Our training offers:

Convenient class times and locations

MOVE offers 5-hour staff training classes for nightclubs, bars and events all across the United States. You have the option to schedule a private class at your business, join a public class, or schedule multiple trainings in a day to accommodate large staff sizes. For private classes, you can set the time and MOVE trainers will be on site with all required materials to extensively train your team.

Effective violence management techniques

MOVE managing partner, Eric Dybing implemented security policies and procedures that contributed to nearly a decade of claims-free business at the Clevelander in Miami Beach, among others. Based on his success, Eric created the MOVE program to improve staff training and boost the reputation of bars and venues across the country. Each successful candidate will receive a MOVE certification of completion that is effective for two years.

Experienced trainers

MOVE trainers have decades of experience in security via the government as well as in the largest nightclubs and event venues around the country. They are mentally conditioned, physically fit, and well-versed in de-escalation tactics. Our trainers can guide you or your staff to make the safe decisions in violence management.