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Nightclub Security & Venue Security Training Online

Security needs are increasing throughout the United States, and it’s no different for bars, nightclubs and events. This means job opportunity for venue security and other hospitality safety personnel.

Training Give Your the Edge in the Nightclub Securty Job Market

Working as a venue security for a bar or nightclub is a different kind of security.

The most effective nightclub security staff are the ones who use persuasion rather than force to orchestrate a safe environment for all patrons.

MOVE Online Training: What You'll Learn

This computer-based training (CBT) class offers bar and nightclub security staff a thorough understanding of skill sets and techniques to deal with most security situations. The 1.5 hour class takes place entirely online and is condensed version of our highly-respected Nightclub Security Training Programs, which typically run 5 hours and include in-person role playing and technique development.

In the online version, you’ll gain important knowledge in areas, such as:

Staying Proactive: Tips on What to Look For

Early Warning Signs a Patron Could Become Aggressive

De-Escalation Tactics

Understanding Pre-Assault Cues

6 Levels of Conflict Response

Best of all, you’ll also receive a Certiface of Completion, that includes the option to be listed on our Certified Nightclub Security registry. When you opt in to our searchable database, potential empoyers can contact us to validate your Certificate.

MOVE Online Training: What You'll Learn

A bar or nightclub staff member who is well-trained in basic use-of-force procedures can be an enormous asset in any hospitality position.

MOVE Training can help you:

Be More Effective in Your Job

Most venue security learn on-the-job and do not receive formal training

Get More Hours on the Schedule Every Week

When you’re good at what you do, your skills will be in high demand.

Set Yourself Up for a Higher Hourly Rate

Strong knowledge leads to strong leadership skills.

Take the First Step to a Longer-Term Security Related Career

Considering a longer-term job in security or law enforcement? Get the basic building blocks for projecting confidence and learn how to read a fluid situation.

Whether you’re currently employed in a security job or looking to switch to a new and exciting career, MOVE Online Training can give you the boost you need for professional success.