It’s your duty to protect

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to provide a safe premise and protect the people on your property. While the degree of liability may vary depending on the state or municipality, you’re generally responsible for all “business invitees” regardless of how an altercation begins. Moreover, the type of  business you run also affects your level of responsibility. 

For example, if you’re running a bar or nightclub in a state like Florida, you’re legally required to employ security guards to keep the premises safe. Regardless of the state, if you’re serving alcohol or offering a service that incites intoxication or heightened emotional states, you have an even greater legal duty to protect. 

Businesses with greatest security needs:

You are at increased risk

One of the biggest issues you face is the risk of a lawsuit incited by a patron who has been hurt or emotionally damaged by an untrained security professional. In the most extreme cases, patrons have died from asphyxiation where they cannot breath as a result of improper restraint. 

By the nature of your business, you draw younger patrons looking for a place to party. While most of these guests are well-behaved, tensions can easily run high in an environment that combines alcohol, off property drug use, music and unruly emotions. Because of this, you need to have trained staff and a security plan in place to deal with intoxicated or otherwise aggressive customers who may become violent.

Trained Nightclub Security Minimizes Risk

Well trained security officers who act under standard operating procedures known as Response to Resistance Policies will help reduce on-site incidents and prevent claims against your business. Through these written guidelines, your security team will know how to de-escalate rising tensions before they turn violent. If a situation does become threatening however, a well trained security officer will understand how to take appropriate actions based on the Response to Resistance policy. Without the type of training offered by MOVE classes, your staff is more likely to mishandle situations that can put your business at risk.