Safety first

The Management of Violence Education (MOVE) training program operate under the belief that there’s almost always a strategy to diffuse tensions before they turn violent. Our programs are uniquely focused on these non-aggressive tactics to effectively manage safety, keep customers happy, and prevent needless litigation. Our courses provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to respond swiftly and appropriately in any situation.

Who we serve

MOVE offers security training to all types of businesses in nearly every major market in the U.S. Most of our clients seek training to mitigate the risk for guest-incited aggression, which typically includes bars, nightclubs, event venues, sports stadiums and concert halls. However, MOVE is also adept at training hospital professionals who require trauma informed protection.

Meet Eric Dybing, Managing Partner

I approach everyone with a smile and a handshake. My words aren’t directive, they’re always supportive. That’s why I’m known as the “drunk whisperer.”

Eric Dybing

Eric Dybing started his career in the safety management field as a police officer, nearly 40 years ago. From there, Eric switched to the corporate world ultimately as the VP of Risk Management and Customer Service for Shoprite, a fortune 500 grocery chain. Missing the field work, Eric later left Shoprite to start teaching safety tactics to the U.S Department of Defense’ a contract he still holds and actively teaches today. 

Eric first opened a security company providing services to the night club industry over 15 years ago, Eric’s company began consulting with bars and nightclubs throughout the country where they implemented protocols to prevent needless claims resulting from security mismanagement. Thanks to Eric’s safety training procedures, One of Eric’s largest clients, the Clevelander nightclub in Miami remained claim-free for 6 years. They continued to contract for training classes for the venues inhouse staff for an additional 7 years after the initial 6 year contract term. 

Over time, Eric’s policies became synonymous with successful safety management, and more and more businesses asked to receive formal training. It was then that Eric formalized the MOVE curriculum. 

While other training companies teach jiu jitsu techniques, the MOVE program consists of 80% verbal diffusion and conflict avoidance, and only 20% of what-to-do if the first 80% fails.

Eric Dybing

Eric’s Qualifications